WWE 2K15: What We Want to See

WWE 2K14 was 2K Sports first go at sort-of making a good wrestling game. We couldn’t really judge them due to the fact the game was already in the works when they took the reigns so a full restart was not possible. However they will certainly have more say in this years edition and this is what we want to see…

What we want to see...


They simply need fixing. You can’t have lag-filled servers when the kick-out meter is dependant on connection. So many times have we lost a fight online because of this. It also means reversals can be more challenging.


We definitely need to see more content for this part of the game. We’ve had the same hairstyles and clothing range for a good few years, it’s time for an update. We’d really like to see them push the graphical limitations in this area to make the wrestlers not look so generic and down right awful. It would benefit people who make real CAW’s of existing wrestlers.


This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’d like to see a cut back on all the ‘Attitude Era’ wrestlers. It was fun for a couple of games but it seems like they’re focusing more on ‘then’ rather than ‘now’. I’d love to see more details thrown at the current and future generation.

Playing Possum:

In ‘The Streak’ game-mode we saw that The Undertaker could suddenly pull you into a finisher when he’s lying flat on his arse. I’m no rocket scientist, but I imagine this will be a feature for us to use in the upcoming title. Stuff like Big Show performing the KO Punch from lying down with 2 stored finishers would be a nice addition to the game.


The big one. Now that we’re on a new generation of gaming systems, we hope to see the graphical fidelity of the series to sky rocket. We expect the expressions, sweat, lights and textures to be top notch, like any other 2k game.

What do you think? Reply with what YOU want to see!

– Marc



2 thoughts on “WWE 2K15: What We Want to See

  1. Agreed with all. I’d add something like Facegen for the CAWs so you can import photos of yourself into your game. No more screwing around only to find the right eyebrows or nose shape isn’t actually even there.
    I’d also add that physics thing they were going to use in the Indiana Jones game that didn’t happen. I think it’s called euphoria or natural motion. It means you would see the same impacts different ways each time. They need to add AI as well to the CPU opponents so they have different movements when they try to get out of the holds each time.

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