It seems the Flappy Bird phenomenon is here to stay, or at least for now.


With Flappy Bird now a thing of the past, fans of the addictive and challenging game look to find a decent clone that tries to capture the essence of the original game. This can be seen by a lot of imitation games littering the Google Play store and Apple’s App store. Some can be quite good whilst others are just poor in quality.

One website tries to create something new entirely by creating a MULTIPLAYER version of Flappy Bird. FlapMMO.com lets you try and navigate through the now-famous Mario style pipes whilst you try and perform well withthe pressure of hundreds of other users being able to see where you are as they themselves attempt the notoriously difficult game.

Head on over to the website and try and outdo everyone else. Show off a bit by remaining where you died as a milestone for others to pass.

– Marc


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